Tramadol 50mg

Tramadol 50mg is an oral dosage form used to moderate to severe pain of the body. It belongs to the category of medicine termed as synthetic opioid analgesic. It is approved by FDA in March 1995 and is classified as a Scheduled 4 controlled substance under the Controlled Substance Act.

It acts by inhibiting the transmission of pain signal to the brain through the nerves of the body.

Uses of Tramadol 50mg:

  • Neuropathic pain
  • Pain in muscles
  • Stiffness and tenderness
  • Pain after the injury or surgery
  • Arthrosis

It is administered to changing the sensation of pain by altering the response of brain towards pain. Tramadol produce its effect by two different mechanism of action. First, analgesic effect produce due to the effect develop from opioid derivative by binding to the opioid receptor in the brain and alters the sensation of pain. Second, it blocks the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine (These two chemical releases in the brain during the sensation of pain and give response to the body towards pain).

Tramadol hcl 50mg is quickly and approximately completely absorbed after the oral administration. Its absorption half-life is ranges from 20 to 30 minutes and has mean absolute bioavailability after the administration is about to be 68 to 72%.

As the drug shows its effectiveness in reducing the sensation of pain, but this medication should be contraindicated in some patients. It is advised to patients that they don't take the medication, if they have some allergic problem with the active or inactive ingredient of Tramadol hcl 50mg.

It is also not beneficial for those patients who has any recent or past history of some diseases like Breathing disorders (asthma), Brain disorders (seizures or head injury), Psychological disorders (depression), GIT disorders (constipation or diarrhea), renal disorder, hepatic disorders and disorders of gall bladder and pancreas.

Tramadol 50mg proves its effectiveness in reducing the acute as well as chronic pain in the individual. But some drugs may interact with any ingredient of Tramadol and alters the efficiency of the remedial effect. So, avoid of taking such drugs along with Tramadol for maintaining the effectiveness of the dosage form.

Categories of drugs that may interact with Tramadol are antidepressant, certain antibiotics, herbal products, serotonergics, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, Amphetamine and its derivative, Phenethylamine and its derivatives, other analgesics and anxiolytics drugs.

Dose and Mode of Administration:

The dosage form should be administered through the oral cavity, i.e. through the mouth with a full or half glass of water. The patient can take the medication with or without having the meal. If patient is suffering from nausea, then it is beneficial to take the medication with food.

The dose of the dosage form should be maintained according to the severity of the pain in the patients. Medication with Tramadol hcl 50mg is prescribed for adults, elders and to the children above the age of 12 years.

The maximum recommended dose of the dosage form is 400mg per day.

For adults: For treating acute pain, the recommended dose of the dosage form is to be taken 2 to 3 times in a day.

For treating chronic pain, the safer and recommended dose of the dosage form is to be administered 4 to 6 times in a day, as per the condition of pain.

For elderly patients: In patients above the age of 75 years, the maximum dose of the dosage form should not be exceeding to 300mg in a day.

For patients having renal insufficiency: In these patients, suffering from any renal disorder, the rate and extend of excretion of Tramadol is very low through the kidney. So, the dose adjustment should be done before administering the dosage form. In These patients, the dosing interval should be raised to every 12 hours.

Avoid of misusing the dosage form for enhancing the effectiveness of the dosage form more than the normal effects. It may develop the severe adverse effects of the dosage form after the administration.

Sign and symptoms of overdose: Depression, addiction, seizures and other fatal effects.

Avoid of missing or skipping any dose of the dosage form for maintaining the efficacy of the therapy. If such condition occurs, then take that dose as soon as you remember, but avoid to taking more or extra dose at the time of next dose for catch up the previous dose of the dosage form.

Side effects of Tramadol 50mg:

Drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting and nausea are the common side effects of the dosage form. But the interesting thing about these side effects is that, they may decrease after some time.

Sometimes GIT disorder may also develops like constipation, so to prevent this disorder drink plenty of water along with the dosage form. This disorder can also be treated with the help of laxatives.

To avoid severe effects, like hallucination, abdominal pain and stomach pain, the patient should consult the medical practitioner.

Some rare side effects are fainting, seizures, difficulty in breathing, severe drowsiness and loss of sensation.

Precautions While taking Tramadol 50mg:

There are some precautions which should be taken at the time of medication for carried out the continuous effectiveness of the therapy.

This medication may produce dizziness and drowsiness in the patients, so avoid performing such works which requires alertness for some time like driving or machinery work.

Avoid consuming alcohol or grapefruit juice along with the dosage form because it may enhance the sedative or hypotensive effects in the patients.

Avoid of taking herbal products or non prescription drugs along with the dosage form of the Tramadol. As it may reduces the effectiveness of the therapy and increases the risk of side effects.

Older patient may be more sensitive to the therapy, so if any side effect occurs then stop the therapy.

The dosage form should not be beneficial for pregnant, nursing or breast feeding mother.

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